Monday, September 3, 2012

The Challenge Laid Out

I am no good at art in most of its forms, but am attempting to stretch myself a little in this area.  I've found recently that very patterned or mathematical forms help me to appreciate and understand no only art itself, but also how I can do art.  Sometime last year while reading a book of haiku's that my daughter has I decided to try writing some of my own, which I never got around to doing.  After reading more about haiku's I thought of challenging myself to write one per day base off a lesson that I taught that day in school.  Since I teach five different subject areas I figured this would give me some variety as well as some leeway when I do something dull or don't teach (like a test day).  Now already I should have 8 haiku's, but only have 3 completed and so although I have the goal of doing this daily, it took me a while to commit to actually doing it.  Finally, I hope to post on-time, but for me the bigger challenge is writing the piece than it is to write it in time.  I put this out there for you to enjoy.  Finally, for purists out there I do not intend to follow the actual rules of haiku, but instead the common English translation of 5-7-5 syllables.

Update 1: I do very little teaching the first week of school, I think I'll skip those three days unless I can come up with a haiku about handing out textbooks and syllabi and safety contracts.
Also, to add to the challenge I think I will attempt to do one from each of the five classes I teach through the week, but in no particular order.

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